Why Play Deprivation Could Be Holding Your Business Back

As part of our guest blog series, Play and Mindset Coach Kara Latta from The Playful Warrior shares an important secret: that adding more play to your life can help your business thrive. Read on for more. This is the kind of good news we need!

By: Kara Latta, Founder and Chief Fun Officer of The Playful Warrior and the Creator of ThoughtPLAY.

Listen to the audio version below!

I want you to take a moment to look at your “to-do” list. What’s on it? What are your priorities? 

You may see anything from content creation, budgeting, legal stuff, sales outreach, client calls, podcasting, and so much more. If you’re a small business you likely wear many hats and too often than not, business owners omit a critical priority on their “to-do” list. What am I talking about? Playtime! This may surprise you or sound silly, but you’re about to find out why play is anything but fluffy or purposeless.

Play deprivation is actually a risk for our health according to Stuart Brown, MD. National Institute for Play. And as you may or may not be able to tell from your own experience, play deprivation is a huge problem for entrepreneurs. 

K…but WHY is this such a big problem? Don’t we have (what feel like) a million things to do before we can prioritize play? Aren’t we just really short on time and we can only play if we find some free time after our main to-dos? Don’t you have a business to run?

I’m hearing what you’re putting down, but unfortunately, our conditioning has done us a huge disservice by teaching us this. 

Let me break it down:

  • Play is much more than fun!! It’s the best natural anti-depressant and brain booster out there. 
  • Play radically improves our mental health and well-being.
  • To truly connect with ourselves, we need play. We are all inherently playful and a relationship with play expands what’s possible, for both ourselves and our business.
  • Playtime actually increases our productivity, contrary to what many think. We want to be working as efficiently as possible in our business, so my advice to you is to play more!
  • Play leads to brain plasticity, adaptability, and problem-solving skills. What business owner doesn’t want more solutions readily available to them?!
  • Play minimizes burnout and maintains high-level performance. Yes please, sign me up!
  • Play sparks creativity and innovation. The most successful businesses out there think big and are always innovating. Yes, play will help you get there!

It’s true! The more fun you have, the more money you can make. 

If you can’t tell already, play is truly the secret sauce to more success in your business. When you start prioritizing play, you’ll see your business thriving at a whole new level my friends.

And didn’t you start your own business to be happier in the first place? Not to be hustling and overworking yourself all the time.

So, I want you to look at your calendar for the next week and schedule in ‘playtime’. Know that this time is just as sacred as any client call or important meeting you have planned.

Ready to start prioritizing play and want to uplevel your business? Reach out to me at hello@theplayfulwarrior.com or DM me on Instagram @theplayfulwarrior.

Every business needs a play coach to take them to the next level. My program ThoughtPLAY combines the power of play and uninhibited creativity with incredible subconscious mindset techniques to help you rewire your limiting beliefs, expand your creativity and fully step into your power. We’ll go on an 8-week play journey that includes the PLAYBox and PLAYBook delivered to your door.

I also do corporate team building sessions (think of it as indoor recess for you and your team) to help minimize burnout, connect teams virtually, reduce anxiety and increase joy.

I’d love to play with you!

Playfully Yours,

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