The Maker’s Co Podcast featured on The Community Edition

Recently, I sat down with a wonderful, local publication called, The Community Edition. They’ve started up a recurring column about the “side-hustler”.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I was the right fit for the column because in 2016, I shifted my then “side-hustle” into a full-time job… but it dawned on me. I do have a side-hustle and I don’t think that will ever truly go away. As an entrepreneur, you have the ability to create and build many things, and more often than not- they start as that little-but-mighty side hustle…  And for me, at the moment– that is the MakersCo. Podcast.

I had writer and transition coach, Cameron K. and photographer Nick Stanley come over to my place in downtown Kitchener to chat and check out my space. This is a very special piece to me, because it is the first public promotion and explanation of MakersCo. Podcast.

Thank you to the Community Edition for helping to share my story and to share special news about the Maker’s Collective– the launch of our new Podcast!

Read the full interview here: “The Side Hustle: Lacey J. Heels and the Maker’s Collective”


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