Resonate WR Feature: Selling as a Creative, Mental Health & Creativity and Supporting Artists in the Region

We recently chatted with representatives from the local arts initiate, Resonate WR. As part of their ongoing campaign, we discussed the benefits of having a creative community, using creative outlets for your mental health, selling as a creative and the positivity that comes with supporting artists and cultural organizations in the Region.

Lacey J. Heels at The Etsy Made in Canada Show- 2017


We are thrilled to be a part of this important conversation in the Region and hope that the Maker’s Collective can help to support fellow creatives, makers, artists and entrepreneurs on their journey of development and creative success.

From the article:


There is a lot that goes into building a creative business, and part of that is making the things, then selling them. I’m fortunate to have a background in marketing, which I was able to apply to selling my paintings.

However, the more I engaged with my fellow artists and creatives– I came to understand there was a real struggle to promote themselves. Why? Because when you create things (like a painting, a book, a knitted sweater, harvest wood table, clay jewelry and the list goes on), it is an extremely personal process. Creators are emotionally connected to the objects they make, as they’ve poured their heart, soul, sweat, tears, and money into the work.

So when it comes time to put a price tag on it, I find a lot of creatives feel icky about it. Psychologically, it’s tough to attach a price to something that feels so directly connected to you. It brings up fears, self-worth and a blurry line between market value and personal value. It’s hard to separate those things, but I see too many creatives undercharging for their work as a result. I personally feel compelled to shed a light on this and to hopefully help other creatives charge for what their work is worth. I hope that the Maker’s Collective can be a safe place to open up the dialogue on this and to show creatives how to apply marketing tactics, without feeling uncomfortable about it.

Read the full article here: Resonate WR Article

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