Living With Intention & Becoming Your Best Self

Person laying on ground thinking.

As I’ve been exploring living with intention and really trying to incorporate intention-setting into my daily routine, I wanted to dig into what intention even means – and why being intentional is so important.

What is intention? In short, it’s something that you intend to do. A task or action, or in medicine, fascinatingly, means “the healing process of a wound”. What I like to draw from that is that when your life lacks intention, it can hurt you. Whether it hurts you now or later, if you’re just floating through life, your life won’t be as meaningful. BUT, if you move with intention – you will find fulfillment.

Our intention creates our reality.

Wayne Dyer

Let’s imagine a life with zero intention. What would that look like? For me, it’s a lack of direction. It’s moving forward listlessly with no real purpose. It’s wafting through life hoping that good things will happen but not necessarily moving toward or working toward the good.

Now let’s imagine a life of intent. You know what you want – or have a good idea of where you’d like to head. You have goals. You date, work and move with purpose. Everything you do is moving you toward becoming your best self, living out your best life scenario, and you’re surrounded by the things that FILL YOU UP. Now, THAT is the kind of life I know I want. What about you?

Do you move more in the first scenario or the second? Being intentional doesn’t necessarily happen in all areas of your life all at once. It’s a practice, and you may kick-ass at it in one area of your life but not all. That’s okay. It’s a work in progress. But here’s what I’ll challenge you to do; work toward being intentional in every aspect of your life.

What does that look like? Start with these questions:

-What do you want to accomplish today/ this week/ this month/ this year?
-What do you deserve?
-What makes you feel like your best self? (food/activities/people)

Now, consider the following:

-Is the person you’re dating (if this applies to you) helping you or hindering you? Are you dating with intention, or are you only receiving small bits of satisfaction? Does your partner support you in moving toward your goals?
-Are the people you surround yourself with (yep, family included), helping you move closer to your goals & ideal mindset, or no? Is your circle draining you or giving you LIFE?
-Is the food you eat helping you get closer to feeling your best?
-Are your daily activities helping you feel your best? This includes the consumption of social media/ TV/ books/ podcasts/ music, etc.
-Is your work-life helping you move toward your goals? Is it fulfilling?

Some big things to think about, right? But, these are the things that will either propel you toward your best life & best you OR will keep you stagnant and unhappy.

The more intentional you are, the more you will see your life evolve into something beautiful and meaningful.

Are you living with intention? There’s no better time to start. I challenge you to make intention setting a weekly practice. Focus on who you want to be and start moving in that direction, purposefully. ✨


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