Feeling Lost, Burnt-out or Uninspired? Kickstart a Change With These 3 Questions

What inspires you? What are you passionate about? What difference do you want to make?

Although these may be intimidating questions to tackle, it is important to consider them and establish honest answers (even if they change and evolve over time).

Lost Your Passion?

You are not alone!

I have always found it easy to get swept away by the excitement of life or drawn into the comfort of routine. This can be a blissful experience, however, what happens when you are pulled so deeply into your present situation or routine, that you forget to invest in the things that ignite your fire within?

What do I mean by that?

Getting so caught up, that you let your passions go on the back-burner and become less of a priority.

This can be dangerous because without doing the things you love or even worse the basic things to keep yourself healthy (like eating right, sweating and sleeping required hours) you can deplete yourself of energy and motivation in all aspects of life. I bring this up because that is exactly what I went through a couple years ago. I became too wrapped up in my daily routine and fast-paced lifestyle, that I forgot to make my passions a priority. That was the first thing to go. Eventually, I became unhappy, lost my passion and then let my health take a back seat.

Something needed to change.

After realizing the affect of letting my passions go to the wayside, I dedicated myself to transformation and taking care of myself. The road to rediscovering my health, happiness and overall zest for life has been an incredible experience— like finally getting to that box of old clothing and sorting through it to decide what to keep, throw away or donate. This journey hasn’t been without it’s challenges and I continue to work on it everyday, but the process has left me feeling so much lighter in every way.

So here I am, feeling stronger and healthier than I did two years ago, more motivated than ever to pursue my passions and to discover my purpose in life.

Discovery of a Purpose:

Someone close to me who has been on his own journey of self discovery and living out his purpose inspired me to explore what my purpose is. One day he put me on the spot and said, “what is your purpose Lacey?” Truthfully, I was speechless. I had a number of thoughts that flashed through my head, but I couldn’t answer the question clearly. He said,  “okay you have thirty seconds to answer, tell me whatever comes to your mind”. I was frazzled. I didn’t know how to answer clearly, but generally this is what came out, “I want to create, I want to help others, and I want to save animals.” Obviously it wasn’t a refined answer, but this was the conversation that inspired me to dig deeper and think about my purpose in a more proactive way.

I am still working to refine my purpose, and I believe it will continue to evolve over time, but what does it sound like today?

Facilitate meaningful connection, inspire and energize others using creativity, courage and love.

Living In Alignment:

When you know what your purpose is, then you can set yourself up for success by living your life in alignment with it. You can fulfill your purpose in one way, shape or form in all that you do. All the decisions you make, actions you take, interactions you engage in, the places you travel to, the projects you take on, the perspective you have when interpreting the world and meeting people… it’s all connected.

Give It A Try:

Remember, it’s never too early or too late to start living with passion and purpose.

Start with these simple questions:

  • What inspires you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What difference do you want to make?