Episode 98: Advocating For Yourself & Leaning Into the Messiness of Life & Motherhood With Jordanna Errey

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we talk with one of our closest friends, Jordanna (Judy!) Errey. Throughout this past year we’ve watched her become a mum for the first time, navigate parenthood through a pandemic, advocate and negotiate a promotion and step into becoming a partner at the company she has been working with and helping to grow for a long time, and continue to nurture and grow both her relationship at home and her friendships. 

It’s been a chaotic time no doubt, but the intentionality with which she has navigated the mess has been inspirational for us to witness. To us, she’s a total rockstar, and we’re so happy to be bringing you this chat.

Ps – Only two new episodes left!

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