Episode 90: Grow Where You Are Planted (Compilation pt.2)

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we’re back with part two of our ‘Grow Where You Are Planted’ series – which, if you didn’t listen to part 1, is a series of compilation episodes we’re doing to highlight some of our favourite downtown Kitchener creatives and to breathe new life into past episodes of the show. 

This compilation eppy features two of our fav DTK women, Cynthia Dam of sustainable fashion YouTube channel, Inspiroue, and mental health advocate and instructor at Big Bliss, Lo Koehler. If you don’t know who these ladies are, then you’re in for a treat – so, as always listen up, stay tuned, be safe, and support your local business community.

Oh, and, don’t forget, as we head into the Fall/Winter seasons, to also support your own mental health, along with the well being of those around you. Remember, we’re stronger together.


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