Episode 100: That’s All Folks!

It’s been a wild three years. 

It’s hard to fully process all that has happened and the changes we’ve gone through as a team and an organization – it feels like our first episode launched forever ago AND that it’s only been a moment. We are eternally grateful to every human that has listened to this show, followed and engaged with us online, come to an event, joined a webinar or workshop or course, shared us with their people, shared kind words with us, asked us for support, shared feedback, and so on. 

The Maker’s Collective is what it is because of you. It’s the people, the connections, and the relationships that have helped us continue to push forward, to persevere when everything felt hard, and to continue to believe that we could when we weren’t actually sure that we could. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Of course we’re a little sad to say goodbye to the podcast, but we have SO MANY exciting plans for this year and the years to come, and we know that the space that will be created by sunsetting the show will be put to very good use. So, please stay tuned, follow us, sign up for our newsletter, and hang onto your butts, because we’re really only just beginning.

Love to you all, xo

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