Hello and welcome to the Maker’s Collective Podcast, hosted by Lacey Heels and Laura Hart.

This podcast is for creative professionals who want to hone their craft, develop a brand, gain marketing skills and get creative alignment to build a life, career and business they love.

We take an honest and vulnerable look at entrepreneurship, mental health and personal & professional development to design the lifestyle and business of your dreams. We focus on best-practices, mindset, habits, self-care, business development and big lessons learned along the way with our guest experts.

Expect a healthy dose of inspiration, laughs and support from those who are walking the walk…

Recent Podcast Episodes:

Episode 17: Amit Mehta, City Lead For Sofar Sounds Waterloo// Bringing A Global Movement To This Region, What It’s Like Running A Completely Volunteer Organization, And The Challenges Of Marketing Secret Events

Episode 16: Natalie Schnurr, Owner of Arabella Park Bar // A New, Female Centric Approach to Craft Beer, Opening A Bar in KW & Hiring Rockstars for Success

Episode 15: Daniel Zuccala, Self-Employment Coach at The Working Centre // The Working Centre Resources, What It Means To Find Meaningful Work, and Learning Those Tough Lessons As An Entrepreneur

Minisode 14: Catch-up with Lacey & Laura // Podcast Progress, Life and Business Updates

Episode 13: Sarah Kernohan, Professional Visual Artist // Finding Her Calling as a Visual Artist, Submitting Work to Shows & ALL the Advice for Budding Artists

Episode 12: Timothy Muza, Photographer & Videographer // Turning His Side Hustle Into A Career, Learning From People You Admire, and Making Space for Passion Projects

Episode 11: Jessica Kuepfer, Blogger and Endurance Athlete // Finding Her Passions, Building Genuine Relationships With Sponsors, and The Power of Saying Yes

Episode 10: Lindsay Coulter, Owner of Lindsay Coulter Photography // Creating The Business and Life You Want, Learning from Tragedy, and the Importance of Self Care

Episode 9: Jon Johnson, Owner of BRFC Designs, Graphic Designer and Screen Printer // Learning On The Job, Keeping A Routine, Finding Balance & Selling At Markets

Episode 8: Roshan James, Business Consultant & Poet // Two Time Published Canadian Poet

Episode 7: Meghan Kendall, Owner of Control Hair // A New Business Model to Empower Entrepreneurs in the Hair & Beauty Industry

Episode 6: Stephanie Boutari, Mural Artist & Designer // Being Paid to Make Art in Public Spaces

Episode 5: Kayla Zawiski, Creator of The Local Advocate // The New Networking; Sharing Your Passions, Being Brave & Using Social Media To Connect

Episode 4: Andrew & Chris, Owners of Show & Tell Coffee // Opening up a Brick & Mortar Shop, the Coffee Industry and the Importance of a Strong Business Partnership

Episode 3: Michaela Angemeer, Author of “When He Leaves You” // Self-Publishing & Growing a Community on Instagram for Your Business


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