Hello and welcome to the Maker’s Collective Podcast, hosted by Lacey Heels and Laura Hart.

This podcast is for creative professionals who want to hone their craft, develop a brand, gain marketing skills and get creative alignment to build a life, career and business they love.

We take an honest and vulnerable look at entrepreneurship, mental health and personal & professional development to design the lifestyle and business of your dreams. We focus on best-practices, mindset, habits, self-care, business development and big lessons learned along the way with our guest experts.

Expect a healthy dose of inspiration, laughs and support from those who are walking the walk…

Recent Podcast Episodes:

Minisode 58: What To Do When Life Throws You Unexpected Curveballs & How to Weather the Storms (and Stress) of Change

Episode 57: Mental Health // Sex Therapy, Relationships, Sexual Health and Desire with Kelly McDonnell-Arnold // Clinical Sexologist, Sex & Relationship Therapist, and Owner of Bliss Counselling

Episode 56: Mental Health // What It Looks Like To Struggle With Mental Health As An Extrovert, Asking For Help & The Importance Of Understanding Your Patterns With Lo Koehler // Yoga Teacher & Mental Health Advocate

Minisode 55: Mental Health // What’s Happening This Month

Episode 54: Big Leaps // Building Transferable Skills & Making Career U-turns with Maddie Kennedy // Owner of Field Studies Co. & Educator with Shopify Local

Episode 53: Special Episode // Creating a Tabletop Game and What it Takes to Launch a Kickstarter Campaign with Julia, Jacob & Francy // Multi-Talented Co-Creators of Secret Level Entertainment

Episode 52: Big Leaps // Knowing When it’s Time to Leap, Investing in Yourself & Finding Your Zone of Genius with Sarah White // Owner of The Girl Floral

Minisode 51: Big Leaps// Career Pivots, Programs We are Launching & Saying Yes to Yourself

Episode 50: Money // Tax Time Tips & Advice with Jami Monte // Accountant and Owner of Monte CPA

Minisode 49: Money // How To Budget When You Don’t Make A Consistent Income

Episode 48: Money // How to Improve Our Mindset, Habits & Relationship with Money // Dan Fotopoulos, Wealth Coach

Minisode 47: Money // PULL UP YOUR SOCKS – IT’S TIME TO TALK ABOUT MONEY! Plus A Recap Of The First Shop Talk Series Event

Episode 46: Support // Using Podcasts for Mentorship, Leading with Kindness, and Releasing Your Inner Bad Ass with Dar Khoun // Spin Instructor & Owner of Unity Baking

Episode 45: Support // The Power of Saying Yes to Opportunities and Finding a (Like-Minded) Support Network with Jannell Lo // Chef & Owner of My BF Is GF

Minisode 44: Support // Why Entrepreneurs Need Support Systems, And Who Is Supporting Us This Month


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