Hello and welcome to the Maker’s Collective Podcast, hosted by Lacey Heels and Laura Hart.

This podcast is for creative professionals who want to hone their craft, develop a brand, gain marketing skills and get creative alignment to build a life, career and business they love.

We take an honest and vulnerable look at entrepreneurship, mental health and personal & professional development to design the lifestyle and business of your dreams. We focus on best-practices, mindset, habits, self-care, business development and big lessons learned along the way with our guest experts.

Expect a healthy dose of inspiration, laughs and support from those who are walking the walk…

Recent Podcast Episodes:

Minisode 36: How to Get Started with Podcasting

Episode 35: Building Business Out of Necessity, Educating Your Customer & the Importance of Creating a Supportive Network with Jennifer F. // Owner of Truth Beauty Company

Episode 34: Learning as You Go, Staying the Course, and Hustling Hard to Make Your Dreams Come True With Jade Billo // Co-owner of Big Bliss

Minisode 33: Self Promotion // Tactical Ways To Promote Yourself Online

Episode 32: Opening a Clothing Store and Putting the Customer Experience First with Jovana Nedimovic // Owner of Uni+Koncept

Minisode 31: Self Promotion // Getting Clear On What You Do & How to Talk About It

Episode 30: The Ups & Downs of Opening a Restaurant and Why You Should Welcome Competition with Trella White & Stephanie Randall // Owners of Gilt Restaurant

Minisode 29: The Side Hustle // 5 Ways To Stay Motivated During Stressful Times

Episode 28: Getting Started on Youtube and How to Monetize Your Channel with Cynthia Dam // Youtuber at Inspiroue, Sustainable Fashion Guru & Content Marketer

Minisode 27: The Side-Hustle // Balancing Your Day Job With Your Side Hustle

Episode 26: Leaving The Full-Time Job for Her Side Hustle, Creating Balance & Why Etsy Was The Key to Starting a Business // Kelly Broocks, Owner of Pretty by Her

Minisode 25: The Side-Hustle // Advice On Getting Your First Clients

Episode 24: Jessica Murphy, Owner of Rawkette & Captain of Etsy Waterloo Region // Going Deep On All Things Etsy & Learning How It Has Helped Her Create A Life She Loves

Minisode 23: Choosing The Right Social Media Platform For Your Brand

Episode 22: Alicia Hall, Owner of All About Health Training // Being A Mom And A Business Owner, Why It’s Important That She Works With Women, And Why Entrepreneurs Need To Prioritize Their Health


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