Our Story



Hey there! My name is Lacey J. Heels and I am the resident maker behind The Maker’s Collective. 

When I left my corporate 9-5 marketing management role to pursue freelance work and to build out my art business, I quickly realized that it was a lonely place without the team environment I was so accustomed to.

I get so inspired by connecting with other creatives and I was seeking a space to do that, but what I found was either too niche or all about self-promotion.

It was slim pickings… and so… The Maker’s Collective was born!

A safe, respectful place to share resources, stories, feedback, advice, and lessons learned.

The beauty of this community is that it is for creatives of all types, by creatives of all types. We each bring a unique set of perspectives, experiences and ways to help, educate and inspire one another.

Life is a journey and we are all in this together.