The Maker’s Collective

The Maker’s Collective is a business development hub and community for creative entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, freelancers and makers. 

Here at the Maker’s Collective, we believe in a holistic approach to business where we integrate who we are with what we do. This means addressing our mindset, energy, mental health and well-being, as well as our entrepreneurship skills, business strategy and professional tool-kit to be happy and successful in today’s digital economy. 

Welcome to your tribe of the 21st century, no-bullshit, heart-centred, scrappy af creative individuals who are here to design their lives, create massive wealth AND impact in the world.

Our Story

The Maker’s Collective was born out of a desire to find a creative community and support group where it did not yet exist. 

After Lacey made the leap from her corporate marketing, 9-5 desk job to pursue her side-hustle full-time, she found that on the other side of it, although thrilling and completely freeing, the lifestyle was very isolating and lonely. 

After searching high and low for the perfect community to fix that, and coming up short… it became clear that something new would need to be created for the 21st century creative professional.

Before long, Lacey recruited her new friend Laura to co-host a podcast together (hear the full love story here) to support the growth of that community… and little by little, The Maker’s Collective was born.

Meet the Founders

Lacey Heels
Marketing Strategist, Business Coach and Creative Entrepreneur

Hey my name is Lacey, and I’m really fucking proud to tell you 3 years ago I left that 9-5 life to design a life I’m now freaking obsessed with. 💃🙏🔥

My goal was to build a freedom-based business that allowed space for, well actually loving what I do, who I work with, making money on my own terms and… actually meaning it when I smile (even on the tough days). The craziest part? I DID IT. Now I am helping others to do the same!

My background is in corporate and digital marketing. I began my career in the tech start-up industry where I helped to launch and build a company from the ground up called, Plasticity Labs. I quickly learned the in’s and out’s of branding, PR, fundraising and found myself interviewing Tech and Workplace Culture Leaders including the Director of Google Canada, Goodlife Fitness and LuluLemon (who also became a partner)! That time of my life also allowed me the opportunity to travel across the USA and work at the renowed SXSW Interactive Technology Conference in Austin, Texas to launch an app and see our leaders speak at the conference.

I continued on and transitioned into the fast-paced agency world. Both as a freelancer for agencies in Toronto (on the side) and as a full-time marketing and communications manager. I had the opportunity to manage global brand and social media strategy for incredible brands and companies including: Revlon, CND, American Crew, Days Inns Canada, Milwaukee Tools, Royal Canin and others I can’t publically share. It was the time of my life where I learned the all the practical skills to build and launch my own business.

I got promotions, worked my way up, found myself running a team,  running global marketing campaigns and yet, “that dream” I was chasing all those years… didn’t fulfill me like I thought it would. I was fatigued, working 24-7, unhealthy, failing to keep up with a personal life… it was bad news bears and I knew I had to change it.

The next natural step for me was to jump out into entrepreneurship to pursue marketing consulting, writing, painting and community building (all the things that fill me up).

Since then, I have created and sold hundreds of paintings, been paid to write for dozens of companies, have worked with so many incredible businesses on their marketing strategy, have become an educator, speaker and business coach and best of all… created this community! My mission is to help others break free, get clear on what they want and help them to build the life and business they desire most.

The journey is not always easy, or fast… but it’s possible and it’s worth it.


Connect with Lacey at the following:

Website | Instagram | Facebook  |  Linkedin


Laura Hart
Operations & Project Manager, Finance Coach and Serial Entrepreneur

Hiiiii! I’m Laura Hart – one half of the team behind this big, beautiful community. The one you probably don’t know very well! If you’ve listened to our podcast than you’ve heard my voice (and laugh) in your ear, but I’ll share a little more about me for those who are just meeting me for the first time.

I’ve always known that I would do something big with my life, but I’ve never been clear on what that would be or look like. Which means, I’ve done and tried a lot of things…like actually, so many things. 

It hasn’t always been an easy path, because typically it has meant taking the road less traveled and marching to the beat of my own drum, but it’s how I wound up here in this place of pure, messy magic and I couldn’t be happier.

To understand me, you have to understand a bit about where I’ve come from, so here goes:

My background is in fashion. After school I worked in the industry for over a decade in various capacities: styling for fashion shows during Toronto Fashion Week, visual merchandising and brand management for several big retailers, co-owning a jewellery company, and most recently, working with people in their closets as a style coach. However, that only scratches the surface of where my skills lie.

I’m hyper-organized, I love a good plan and putting processes in place, and I truly do believe that the devil is in the details. All of this explains why I’m a project coordinator/manager in my day job, and why I manage all of our operations here in the Collective.

I also love talking about money and helping people understand their personal finances. Your relationship with money is one of the most powerful you can have, and if you don’t take care of and nurture it, it can also be one of the most destructive. I’ve seen this first hand and learned everything I know about personal finances from my own experiences (good, bad, and ugly). I love helping people in this area, so hit me up if you want to talk.  

I told you it was a lot. At the end of the day though, I think what’s clear is that I have many interests, many skills, and a lot to share with you and this community. With The Maker’s Collective, I think I’ve found the thing that allows me to explore and share all parts of myself, and help a lot of people in the process – and it feels fucking good.

Connect with Laura at the following:

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