Minisode 62: Automation // Lighten Your Workload to Enjoy Your Summer + Funnels, Diversifying Your Offers and Finance tips

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we share what we’re working on and towards both with the Collective and with our own coaching practices. We also get real about the fact that building business is messy and hard, and doesn’t always feel on the inside what it can often look like on the outside. We also each do a little of what we do best and share some coaching tips around funnels, diversifying your offerings, and finances.

Listen up!

Topics covered:

  • New podcasting schedule coming at ya
  • July is all about automation
  • Where we’re at on our individual coaching journeys 
  • Mindset issues are REAL
  • The importance of funnels 
  • Diversify your offerings 
  • How can I make money in my sleep?
  • Continuation of Laura’s home buying saga



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