Minisode 47: Money // PULL UP YOUR SOCKS – IT’S TIME TO TALK ABOUT MONEY! Plus A Recap Of The First Shop Talk Series Event

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we introduce a new month and a new theme – we’re talking MONEY! We know this topic can bring up a lot of anxiety for people, but that’s exactly why we NEED to be talking about it more. The more we share what’s happening for us around money, the more we will understand that we’re not alone, there are solutions, and we can begin to understand it, feel on top of it, and maybe even like/love it!

It’s a renewable resource and there’s lots of it out there, so let’s go get it together!

Topics covered:

  • This month is all about MONEY
  • March guests
    • Money Mindset – Dan Fotopoulous
    • Dispelling the tax season scaries – Jami Monte
  • We NEED to be talking about money
  • Scarcity vs. abundance
  • Shop Talk Series!
    • THANK YOU to everyone who came and everyone who supported us
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  • Make Lace cry tears of joy
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