Minisode 44: Support // Why Entrepreneurs Need Support Systems, And Who Is Supporting Us This Month

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we talk about support systems and why it’s so important for entrepreneurs to understand what their supports are as they embark on building and growing a business. We also talk about some of the incredible partnerships we have that are supporting us this month, and we’ll be teasing out the pivots we’re making in our own careers, a new event, and some great new digital content that might be supports for you in your journey.

If you’re unsure what your support systems are, we hope this episode helps to spark some ideas!

Topics covered:

  • February is about support of all kinds – what do your supports look like?
    • Family
    • Partner
    • Friends
    • Community
    • Digital tools
    • What else?
  • Shout outs to some of the people/organizations supporting us this month
    • We have a new intro/outro! The talented folks at Secret Level Entertainment created new music and helped us record our parts in their home studio!
    • We got a grant from the City of Kitchener! It’s really thanks to our incredible friend Mistie Brown, who works with the Downtown Kitchener team at the City
    • We’re partnering with Shopify and Arabella Beer Bar this month to bring you The Shop Talk Series – details to come!
  • Lacey and Laura are making some career changes, and working together to support one another in our growth.
    • Laura’s wants to help you with your money and Lacey wants to help you with your business – so, we’re becoming coaches!
    • Laura is still working on what it will look like to become a financial coach, so there’s no info yet, but if you have questions about it you can reach her at The Maker’s Collective –
    • Lacey has started making the changes to become a badass business and mindset coach, so check out her website –
  • Maker Boss is live and the first eBook, Instagram for Creatives, has dropped!





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