Minisode 40: Mindset // SMASH Your Limiting Beliefs and Negative Self-Talk

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we talk about and break down the monsters we all know very well – limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. What are they? How do they show up in our lives? And most importantly, how can we help reverse their negative impacts?

We’re certainly not experts, but we’ve both experienced these ways of thinking and treating ourselves and are working on them, so we’re going to tell you what we know and have learned. 

Topics covered:

  • Limiting Beliefs (how you see yourself)
    • Deeply ingrained in us, so they’re often unconscious
    • Can show up physically and mentally and can affect your health, growth, and ability to succeed
    • Tips to help you move past your limiting beliefs
      • Acknowledge them
      • Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones
      • Visualize what you want and feel it emotionally
      • Practice in the real world (figure out how you’re going to make practical shift)
  • Negative Self-Talk (how you talk to yourself)
    • Leads to higher levels of stress and anxiety
    • The little negative things you say/think to yourself everyday
    • Tips to help reverse negative self-talk
      • Acknowledge the thoughts:
        • What you resist will persist – the more you tell yourself not to think about the negative thing, the more you will think about it
      • Don’t allow yourself to accept and believe the negative things you are saying/thinking about yourself:
        • If you fight for your negative beliefs, you’ll keep them – if you tell yourself and others that the negative thing is part of your identity, it will be
      • Practice in the real world:
        • Show yourself that you can do the thing you think you can’t, or are scared of, and start small (one step at a time)
        • Think about times when you felt good and positive and hold those feelings
      • Talk or write about the things that scare you
      • Abracadabra (we’re only looking at the first part of the word for this exercise!)
        • A – Acknowledge
        • B – Breathe in (controlled breathing)
        • R – Release out (release your breath and the negativity)
        • A – Align (replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts)



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