Minisode 38: Celebrating 2018 & What’s Coming Up in 2019

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we look back on the milestones we achieved in 2018 and give a sneak peek of what to expect from us in the year ahead.

Happy New Year everyone!

Topics covered:

  • 2018 Highlight Reel
    • End of March – Launched first two episodes
    • End of May – Partnered with the City of Kitchener & Communitech to have a launch party
    • End of June – First local Meet Up
    • Over the Summer – Vendor at The Maker Expo, and In Kind Sponsor for Bestival Festival
    • July – The Maker’s Collective Rebrand
    • November – Designed t-shirts
    • Throughout the Fall – Working on creating workshops and resources for makers/creatives and small business owners
  • Coming Up in 2019
    • Themes/Topics for each month – January is about mindset and goal setting!
    • Themed Meetups/Workshops every month
    • Guests for January: Keaton Hartigan, Cory Huff, and Azra Gregor

Resources from the episode:


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