Meet Your Podcast Host’s: Lacey J. Heels and Laura Hart

As I briefly mentioned before, we are preparing for the launch of the MakersCo. Podcast and I figured we should share a little about the host’s so you all know what to expect.

There is an episode about how we (Lacey and Laura) met and came to the point of deciding to be Business BFF’s & co-hosts… but you can check that out upon launch! 😉

We will kick things off with our girl Laura Hart:

Laura is such a sweetheart. She is smart, blunt, hilarious and her laugh will make you smile. She has a ton of experience as a creative entrepreneur, with expertise in fashion. I love chatting with her about everything under the sun and I think you will too! Find her at and sign up for her amazing newsletter, The Style Report.


And then there is me, Lacey.

I’ve had a pretty intense career in digital marketing so far, I’ve helped to build a few businesses, including my own art business where I make and sell my paintings. I’ve done marketing for some of Canada’s biggest brands and I am so excited to take the best of both of those worlds (corporate and creative) and blend them, to discuss how to make that sweet money as a creative entrepreneur. It’s a cause close to my heart and I can’t wait to help other creatives and maker’s.

I think we both have experience, expertise and personalities that go so well together… we are like a PB & J Sammie. Ohhh yes… or grilled cheese & tomato soup… or oreos & milk…. or tempeh & grilled veg…. oh man… now I’m hungry. But you get the point.  🙂

Well I hope that gives you a little feel for what is to come. Can’t wait for launch!!!

Talk to ya’ll soon!

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