Episode 9: Jon Johnson, Owner of BRFC Designs, Graphic Designer and Screen Printer // Learning On The Job, Keeping A Routine, Finding Balance & Selling At Markets

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Jon Johnson, the darling of Kitchener-Waterloo. Jon is a respected local graphic designer and screen printer, who goes under the name BRFC Designs. He has a stellar product line of screen printed goods and enamel pins which are sold online via Etsy and at all your favourite maker markets in the region. In this episode we ask him about how he got here, the benefit of learning on the job, finding balance in a work & life routine and what to consider when selling at markets. 

PS – There’s A LOT of Sydney our Podcasting Pup in this episode, so get ready for that.


Topics covered:

    • Meet Jon – Graphic Artist & Screen Printer
    • How Screen Printing Works (cut me talking about printing – 9:30-ish mark)
    • Stop Stopping – When “Problems” Are Just Excuses
    • CTRPLLR Merch, Drawing Shoes, and Not Getting Into Teachers College – The Story of How He Got Into Screen Printing/Graphic Design
    • Creativity
    • Learning on the Job
    • Phasing Himself Out of a Day Job to Being His Own Boss
    • Mental Health and Being An Entrepreneur – Where to Work, Having a Routine, Finding Balance, and Working Less
    • Selling at Markets
    • Advice – Make It Easy for People To Buy
    • How He Sells – Be Yourself and Mirror People’s Energy
    • Why People Buy
    • Using Social Media to Build Brand & Community
    • What You Do Is Who You Are
    • Favourite Failure(s)
    • Rewiring Your Brain
    • New Projects for 2018
    • To Goal Set or Not to Goal Set?  

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