Episode 79: The Subconscious of Imposter Syndrome & How To Fight Feelings of Unworthiness With Jillian Parekh

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we chat remotely with Imposter Syndrome Expert and Coach, Jillian Parekh. Woooooooo, this conversation is timely and cuts right to the core of how these productivity and mindset killers actually work. There’s so much happening inside our brains at any given moment, and so much that we have very little control over. In order to truly understand what’s going on we have to consistently work on controlling how we react to the negative stories we’re telling ourselves – which we know is easier said than done!

Jillian gives us some great tips around how to fight feelings of unworthiness and imposter syndrome though:

  • Start keeping an accomplishment journal
  • Constantly try to challenge the negative thoughts and self-talk you have
  • As a business owner set realistic expectations for what you can do and accomplish in a day/week/month/year and be gentle with yourself if you don’t achieve your goals
  • Never stop working on your mindset

We hope you enjoy listening to this chat as much as we enjoyed having it!


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