Episode 59: The Art of Selling // How To Sell Yourself & Stay Rooted In Integrity with Heather Sequeira // Creator of House Hunter H & Sales Rep at ReMax

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we sit down with Heather – aka House Hunter H – to talk about all things related to sales and selling. Does this woman ever have a story! From investing in her first piece of real estate with her partner when she was 21 and pregnant, to becoming a real estate agent, to who she looks to for business advice – we get into all of it during this episode.


Topics covered:

  • Meet Heather – how she “fell into” real estate
  • Being a millenial in real estate – a new way of looking at selling
  • Choosing not to work with a potential client & how she handled it
  • Her approach to selling
  • You always remember your first
  • Client appreciation
  • Marketing in real estate
  • The art of selling is really the art of selling yourself
  • Shop around for the right mortgage broker and real estate agent
  • Advice for people who struggle with the mindset around selling

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