Episode 56: Mental Health // What It Looks Like To Struggle With Mental Health As An Extrovert, Asking For Help & The Importance Of Understanding Your Patterns With Lo Koehler // Yoga Teacher & Mental Health Advocate

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we sit down with Lo Koehler, a Yogi, fitness professional, and outspoken mental health advocate. It seems she’s lived a million lives, but everything she has accomplished and been through has lead her to exactly where she is right now, and thank God, because we all need to hear some real talk about what mental health really looks like.

Topics covered:

  • Meet Lo – musical theatre junky to yogi and fitness instructor
  • How she fell in love with yoga and why it had such a positive impact on her mental health
  • Understanding her mental health journey
  • Everyone should be in therapy
  • What depression looks and feels like
  • Ask for help and share what’s going on
  • Understanding your patterns
  • Learning how to communicate in a positive and productive way
  • What is your body telling you about how you’re feeling
  • Tools to help shift perspective
  • Her experience sharing about her mental health on Instagram
  • Mental health and taking care of your mental health is NORMAL
  • How to deal with negativity – armour the fuck up
  • Advice for people who want to support themselves on their own mental health journeys
  • Advice for people who are supporting loved ones on their mental health journeys

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