Episode 53: Special Episode // Creating a Tabletop Game and What it Takes to Launch a Kickstarter Campaign with Julia, Jacob & Francy // Multi-Talented Co-Creators of Secret Level Entertainment

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we sit down with the team behind Secret Level Entertainment and the creators of the tabletop game, Survival of the Fixest. Here’s the deal, they’ve put together a rad Kickstarter to test this idea and they NEED OUR HELP. Listen in, fall in love with them, and then go buy the game and tell everyone you know!

Let’s get this funded team!

Topics covered:

  • Meet Julia, Jacob, and Francy and learn about their journey to doing a Kickstarter
  • Finding the right business idea
  • Starting Secret Level Entertainment
  • Creating a card game with your family
  • Who’s on your zombie apocalypse survival team?
  • How to put together a Kickstarter
  • Here’s how you can make sure this game gets made!
  • Community support
  • How to play the game & why it’s different
  • The roles it takes to make a project happen
  • The importance of being real about what it will take to make a project happen


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