Episode 46: Support // Using Podcasts for Mentorship, Leading with Kindness, and Releasing Your Inner Bad Ass with Dar Khoun // Spin Instructor & Owner of Unity Baking

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we sit down with Dar Khoun, everyone’s favourite baker and spin instructor. This woman is busy AF, a fountain of knowledge and inspiring to the max, so don’t sleep on listening to this episode – it will leave you feeling excited, pumped up, and ready to tackle the things that scare you the most.

Topics covered:

  • Meet Dar – her path to opening Unity Baking
  • Combining her skills to bring her passion to life
  • Moves on moves on moves – Uptown Waterloo to Downtown Kitchener to Galt
  • So, she got a business loan…what next?
  • Gaining respect
  • Podcasts as mentors
  • Advice around creating a business plan
  • The first days
  • Marketing – word of mouth, community support, and digital marketing
  • Becoming a spin instructor – getting way out of her comfort zone
  • Helping people find their inner badass
  • It comes out on the bike – finding her voice as a trainer
  • Finding her community
  • Happiness and fulfillment as the measures of balance
  • Goals – what’s next?
  • Put yourself in uncomfortable situations as often as possible


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