Episode 45: Support // The Power of Saying Yes to Opportunities and Finding a (Like-Minded) Support Network with Jannell Lo // Chef & Owner of My BF Is GF

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we sit down with Jannell Lo, an exciting new chef in town and the sweetest human. We cover a variety of topics and experience a range of emotions during this chat, but the overarching message is that Kitchener-Waterloo is a great place to live, to find yourself, and to launch something.

We loved everything about this chat and we think you will too!

Topics covered:

  • Meet Jannell – chef and owner of blog My BF is GF
  • Moving to Kitchener and finding her way
  • Making Kitchener home
  • Journey to becoming a chef
  • Keeping the love of cooking alive through the stress of working in restaurants and catering companies
  • Creating her own destiny
  • Private events – hire her!
  • Southeast Asian Cuisine
  • Favourite dishes to cook
  • Learning digital marketing and food photography
  • What she wants to become known for
  • Why Kitchener-Waterloo?


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