Episode 39: Mindset // How to Find Alignment, Avoid Burnout & Set Goals in your Business // Keaton Hartigan, Owner of Hart Apparel

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we sit down with Keaton Hartigan, artist and owner of Hart Apparel. Keaton is a Hockey Coach by day and is also a skilled artist, illustrator and launched an ethical apparel clothing company that features his designs. 

As entrepreneurs mindset is everything, so we jump into discussions around mindset, mindfulness, energy, meditation, taking care of yourself, goal setting, and much more. His outlook on creative expression, spirituality and what that means when sewn into a business is a refreshing take on designing your life in a meaningful way and making it count.

Topics covered:

  • Meet Keaton and his art and clothing brand, Hart Apparel
  • Learning how to start a clothing line
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Goal setting
  • Finding his target audience
  • Selling
  • What drives him
  • Routines that help him stay aligned and balanced
  • Being authentic in the digital age
  • Choosing how we react to things
  • Going deep on words and how art is a universal language
  • What’s next?

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