Episode 35: Building Business Out of Necessity, Educating Your Customer & the Importance of Creating a Supportive Network with Jennifer F. // Owner of Truth Beauty Company

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we chat with Jenn, a green beauty champion and owner of Truth Beauty Company. She’s whip smart, super funny, and the best walking billboard for why everyone should use green beauty products – we almost died when she told us her age.

Make yourself some tea, get cozy, and listen up, because Jenn is here to tell it like it is and share her entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy!

Topics covered:

  • Meet Jenn & learn about her journey to opening Truth Beauty Company
  • Why green, clean beauty products?
  • Why open a store?
  • How she finds the products she carries
  • Educating while not being preachy
  • Understanding what we’re putting in and on our bodies
  • Why Guelph?
  • The first two years – advice
  • The new paradigm for business
  • Wearing all the hats
  • Construction in KW – talk about a roadblock
  • How she markets her business – print, digital, and events
  • Conquering Instagram
  • Make connections
  • Support local by actually going and spending your money with them
  • Favourite types of products
  • Advice: switch out the product you use the most and the rest when they’re empty
  • What’s next?

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