Minisode 33: Self Promotion // Tactical Ways To Promote Yourself Online

In this Minisode, we dive into self promotion and the types of content to use to win online, how to share the process, ways to engage people online, repurposing content, knowing your worth, charging accordingly and much more.

Self promotion feels weird because none of us want to be a braggy-brat-know-it-all who thinks our sh*t don’t stank… but there are ways to approach selling yourself and your work without coming across that way and by telling stories and building relationships. It takes many touch points to reach a potential client and if you don’t share your stuff, people won’t know they CAN buy from you.

Topics covered:

  • Telling stories and sharing your process
  • Easy ways to visually share the process online
  • Tactics to self promote online


  • Post Content and Create a Conversation (Tell a Story and Ask Questions)
  • Make Your Content Fun, Interesting & Engaging (Giveaways, Contests, Encourage Sharing, Tagging)
  • Repurpose Your Content (It takes several touchpoints before people decide to buy – so rewrap and reuse content and try again)
  • Know Your WORTH — Charge your worth, value your work and price accordingly.
  • Test your pricing and ask for feedback as you go!
  • Create Urgency with your product offering or services when sharing online


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