Episode 32: Opening a Clothing Store and Putting the Customer Experience First with Jovana Nedimovic // Owner of Uni+Koncept

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast you’ll meet Jo, the owner of Uni+Koncept. She’s smart, funny, and knows her shit when it comes to creating a fashion brand that puts her customers and their experience first.

Topics covered:

    • Meet Jovana and Uni+Koncept
    • Learning who her customers are and how to buy for her store
    • The journey to opening her store – the good and the bad
    • Hiring and helping her staff grow
    • How retail has changed – creating experiences and supporting local
    • The hard times – customer turnover, getting people in the door, and not cheapening her brand with too many promotions
    • What’s coming up?
    • Advice

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