Episode 30: The Ups & Downs of Opening a Restaurant and Why You Should Welcome Competition with Trella White & Stephanie Randall // Owners of Gilt Restaurant

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast you’ll meet Trella and Stephanie, the incredible team behind Gilt Restaurant. These women are what this podcast and community are all about. Their path to being restaurant owners was anything but typical, they learned everything they know about their business while in the trenches doing it, and when faced with obstacles they chose to take risks and say ‘yes’ and are thriving because of it.

Get ready to fall in love with them, their friendship/partnership, and their incredibly refreshing views on competition, community, and running a restaurant built on respect.

Topics covered:

    • Meet Trella & Stephanie – their journey to friendship and business ownership
    • Learning the ropes of owning a restaurant
    • The moment everything changed
    • The ups and downs of opening Gilt Restaurant – All. The. Learning.
    • The first two years
    • Event catering
    • How they kept Gilt open in the beginning
    • Why their partnership has worked
    • Growing with their community
    • Bring on the competition
    • To make a restaurant work, you have to WORK
    • Facing sexism in the industry
    • Respect is everything – changing the industry for the better
    • Favourite dishes

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