Episode 26: Leaving The Full-Time Job for Her Side Hustle, Creating Balance & Why Etsy Was The Key to Starting a Business // Kelly Broocks, Owner of Pretty by Her

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast you’ll meet Kelly, the smart, sarcastic, driven woman behind one of our favourite local brands, Pretty by Her. We loved chatting with her and are so excited to be telling her story, because she embodies everything we talk about all the time over here at The Maker’s Collective.

She found her side hustle through experimenting with creative things that she loves doing and built a business around those things. She has now left her full-time job (which she loved) to pursue her side hustle full-time, because it’s making her money, bringing her joy, and allowing her to design the life she wants.

We hope Kelly inspires you as much as she does us – happy listening!

Topics covered:

    • Meet Kelly – social worker to creative entrepreneur
    • Making the decision to leave her dream day job for her dream creative job
    • Her experience with Etsy
    • Advice for people getting started on Etsy – research and product/listing TLC
    • Finding her creative identity
    • Figuring out who her ideal client is
    • Space to start upping her marketing game
    • Creating work-life balance – making space for relationships, adjusting to a new way of working, and finding as much balance as possible
    • Being a creative entrepreneur is becoming the new normal
    • Figuring out pricing
    • Experiences with shipping
    • When you realize your products are with people and in their homes
    • People fucking love mugs
    • Giving customers options
    • What’s next?



I never, in a million years, thought I would be a business owner.

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