Episode 24: Jessica Murphy, Owner of Rawkette & Captain of Etsy Waterloo Region // Going Deep On All Things Etsy & Learning How It Has Helped Her Create A Life She Loves

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast you’ll meet Jessica, the Captain of Etsy Waterloo Region and the heart, mind, and talent behind hand stamped brand, Rawkette.

If you’re at all curious about Etsy, and what it takes to open a shop and be successful, than this is the episode for you. We go deep on the topic, touching on everything from the basics to SEO, while also learning about Jessica in some pretty deep ways.  

Carve out some time for this one, because we know you will enjoy it.

Topics covered:

    • Meet Jessica – Police Foundations to Sales to Entrepreneur
    • How she got started on Etsy
    • The ‘Why’ behind what she’s doing – customer service is everything
    • The Captain – Running Etsy Waterloo Region
    • Etsy Workshops & Bootcamps – the basics of Etsy
    • Taking your business seriously – why people shop on Etsy, valuing your work
    • Lacey’s experience with Etsy
    • Managing the highs and lows of owning an Etsy business
    • How to apply to an Etsy Market
    • Learning to use digital marketing for her business
    • Repeat sales and word of mouth
    • What does success look like for Rawkette?
    • SEO – what is it and why do you need to worry about it?
    • Going from full time mom to full time Rawkette – finding her rhythm
    • What’s next?
    • Learning every step of the way
    • Where ‘Rawkette’ came from



I wasn't ready to settle for more than a moment of unhappiness.

Other Quotes from this Episode:

    • “Without Etsy I wouldn’t have been able to start my business.”
    • “I love the stories behind the pieces I’m making. It’s why I do what I do.”
    • “People shopping on Etsy want an experience, they want to know the story behind the maker.”
    • “When you put the work in, that will come back to you in sales.”
    • “Do what makes you happy.”
    • “If it scares you, do it.”
    • “Owning your own business is a never ending journey of learning.”

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