Episode 22: Alicia Hall, Owner of All About Health Training // Being A Mom And A Business Owner, Why It’s Important That She Works With Women, And Why Entrepreneurs Need To Prioritize Their Health

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast you’ll meet Alicia, the straight-talking mompreneur owner of All About Health Training. We had a ton of fun during this episode – it was a Friday afternoon and there was wine – and loved getting to know Alicia and her story.

We cover a lot of topics, from women helping women to job satisfaction, so get yourself some vino and get ready to fall in love with Alicia!

Topics covered:

    • Meet Alicia – mom of two and badass fitness trainer/owner of All About Health Training
    • Lacey’s experience training with Alicia
    • Using digital marketing to find clients
    • Fears – taking on a business on your own
    • Automation – how it has changed her business
    • There’s space for everyone – less competition, more community
    • Expanding her business – building a gym, offering more classes
    • Making the jump from corporate to owning her own business
    • Why it’s so important for entrepreneurs to focus on their health
    • Her process – how she works with her clients & education
    • Relationship building – why she’s different from a corporate trainer
    • More about Lacey’s experience training with Alicia
    • Training is more than just about the physical – why being a female trainer working with women is important
    • Being a mom and a business owner – advice
    • Job satisfaction
    • Using Instagram stories to grow her business



Women need to help women, cheer each other on, and be each other's advocates.

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