Episode 19: Mallory McKewen, Co-owner of BridesMade // The highs and lows of choosing a manufacturing partner, not waiting for perfection before launching, and how listening to their clients has helped them automate and grow

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast you’ll meet Mallory, one half of the team behind the company, BridesMade. BridesMade is a company that rents sustainable, adjustable bridesmaids dresses to women all over Canada. There’s a lot of juicy content in this episode, especially if you’ve ever wanted to know more about the highs and lows of designing and manufacturing a product. It’s a quick listen and packed to the brim with takeaways – we hope you enjoy!

Topics covered:

    • Meet Mallory – solving that age old bridesmaid dress problem by starting BridesMade
    • Background – corporate finance to fashion designer/entrepreneur
    • How to design a dress that works for every body
    • Finding a manufacturing partner – it’s harder than you think!
    • Don’t wait to be perfect to launch
    • Be mindful about how you get started
    • How does BridesMade work?
    • Automation – answering customer questions through marketing & building trust
    • Starting with selling to Canada
    • Building their team
    • Marketing – organic social and paid advertising
    • Don’t forget Bing
    • Importance of influencer marketing
    • Advice
    • What’s next?

Resources from the episode:


“Don’t wait until your product or service is 100% perfect to launch.”

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