Episode 15: Daniel Zuccala, Self-Employment Coach at The Working Centre // The Working Centre Resources, What It Means To Find Meaningful Work, and Learning Those Tough Lessons As An Entrepreneur

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Dan, a self-employment coach at The Working Centre. We super love The Working Centre and were so happy that Dan was willing to come on the show to share all of the amazing things they are doing for small business owners, as well as, the broader community – along with sharing many of his own stories and experiences, from having what he thought was his dream job to owning his own business, to finding meaningful employment with The Working Centre.

There’s a ton of juicy content in this episode, so plug in, get comfy, and enjoy.

Topics covered:

    • Meet Dan – self-employment coach at The Working Centre
    • What’s The Working Centre?
    • The Working Centre resources
      • Meet with an employment counsellor to help you think about your job search/career plans
      • Meet with a self-employment counsellor
      • Projects to volunteer for to get job skills, employment experience and contribute to community
    • Meaningful work doesn’t always have to be paid
    • Dan’s background – film, to self-employment, to The Working Centre
    • How our employment experiences build on each other, risk, and knowing when to let go
    • The power of partnerships
    • Building community through sharing skills
    • Co-Working spaces
    • Final story

Resources from the episode:


“Give yourself permission to say that something you’re doing isn’t working.”

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