Episode 13: Sarah Kernohan, Professional Visual Artist // Finding Her Calling as a Visual Artist, Submitting Work to Shows & ALL the Advice for Budding Artists

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Sarah, a professional visual artist.

ATTENTION all aspiring artists – this is your episode! Sarah is a wealth of knowledge around all things art, including really understanding your work and where it fits, what goes into a submission, how to “network” in the world of art, and much, much more.

We’re excited to bring you this episode, it was a treat to chat with Sarah and the discussion was a true treat for both of us (but especially Lace!) We really hope you enjoy!

Topics covered:

    • Meet Sarah – her journey to becoming a professional visual artist
    • Working abroad & how travel influenced her work
    • Choosing to settle in Kitchener
    • Coming from a family of creatives
    • Perspective & a fresh start after healing from vision problems
    • Learning to see, and create art, again
    • Advice for artists – know where your work fits
    • What goes into a submission?
    • Apply, apply, apply! – networking in the art world
    • Artist funding – get comfortable talking and writing about your work
    • Artist compensation – working for exposure vs. being paid to show
    • Promotion – digital and email marketing
    • Website as a calling card – what’s important to include?
    • Fraudulent sales – how to protect yourself
    • Pricing your work
    • What’s coming up in 2018

Resources from the episode:


“Know where your work fits.”

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