Episode 12: Timothy Muza, Photographer & Videographer // Turning His Side Hustle Into A Career, Learning From People You Admire, and Making Space for Passion Projects

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Tim, a local photographer/videographer and good friend of ours. We touch on a lot of different topics with him including the importance of finding your passions, turning those passions into meaningful work, and wading through the never ending resources that exist in the world, to help you learn new skills, to find the ones you connect with. We had a lot of fun with this one, we hope you enjoy!

PS – We recorded this back in May, so some of the content talked about has already happened, like our launch event! Stay tuned to our website and social channels, we’ll be doing a recap of the evening with photos and videos if you missed it.

Topics covered:

    • Meet Tim – Journey from working in TV to photography/videography
    • Becoming a photographer – side hustle to career
    • Preparing for a life in visual storytelling
    • Find your resources, they’re everywhere and a lot of them are free
    • Time is your most valuable resource
    • Find the people online or in life that you admire and learn from them
    • Coffee interlude
    • Being a photographer AND a videographer – different ways to capture the same story
    • Print your photos! Make photo albums! Seeing photos online vs. holding them in your hands
    • How to print photos
    • Personal projects – food show, weddings, documentary
    • Sauna interlude
    • Marketing – word of mouth & digital ads
    • Automation
    • Favourite failure
    • Wrap up

Resources from the episode:


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