Episode 10: Lindsay Coulter, Owner of Lindsay Coulter Photography // Creating The Business and Life You Want, Learning from Tragedy, and the Importance of Self Care


In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Lindsay, a no nonsense, straight-talking boss, who has built a successful photography business her way. This woman has been through some shit – and she’s not afraid to talk about it. If you don’t already know her or know of her, you’re going to after this episode, so pour yourself a drink, get comfy, and get ready for some real talk.   

Topics covered:

    • Meet Lindsay – Local & Destination Wedding Photographer
    • How She Became A Photographer
    • Lifestyle Design – Building Her Dream Life
    • One Small Change – Being In Control of Your Business
    • Don’t Fake It, Just Hustle Until You Feel Confident
    • Working With Her Partner
    • Mixing Business & Travel – Letting People Into Your World
    • Social Media – Create A Tribe & The Strategy Behind Building Her Following
    • Lead Generation – Instagram Is #1
    • Workshops
    • Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, Privilege – Speaking Out & Tough Conversations
    • Being A Female Entrepreneur – Find Your Tribe/Girl Squad
    • Viral Posts – Trolls on Social Media
    • Planning A Wedding – Checks and Balances
    • Learning From Tragedy – Plan For The Worst Both In Life & In Business
    • Get Insurance & Have A Will – Important Insurance
    • Mental Health – Self Care, Learning To Ask For Help, Managing Client Expectations & Following A Routine
    • Work Travel – The Good & The Bad

Resources from the episode:


“Don’t fake it, just be honest.”

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