Creative Couples: Let’s Talk About Love, Baby

With all this Valentine’s lovey-dovey stuff going on, I started to reflect on the various examples of love around me and I couldn’t stop thinking about the number of creative entrepreneurs dating other creatives who they (may or may not) work or collaborate with.

I am so curious. Why are we drawn to other creative types, what are the rewards and challenges of making a creative, yet romantic and possibly business oriented relationship work?

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Being a creative person in life and in work takes passion, energy, balance, drive and commitment- but so does a relationship with another person. Especially when creativity or business is involved. I think there are lessons to be learned here about how to make it work and keep the magic alive while balancing it all, and I would be honoured to chat with more couples about it.

If you are open to sharing, I’d like to learn more about your experiences and advice. I hope to curate some stories and possibly share my findings (anonymously of course) to spread light on how other creative couples keep their partnership healthy and happy.

Sincerely, thank you in advance for sharing with me. I am inspired by the examples of love around me on a daily basis and I’d be honoured to understand it from your perspective 🙂

Nothing but love for you and your love,


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