It’s time to get crystal clear on your vision and create intentional systems to kick ass in 2020

Many business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers are very good at doing the work for their business (sometimes 24-7) in this digital economy. The issue we are facing, is that now more than ever, we have brilliant humans and entrepreneurs who are stuck in the weeds, wearing all the hats, racing to do the damn work and handle those inevitable fires that come up. 

This way of working, aka: the ‘HUSTLE’ is how businesses are started and brought into the world. Getting stuck in that cycle however, can lead business owners and side-hustlers to experience burn-out, overwhelm and a plateau in growth. As a result, that big vision you hold for your work and life can start to feel like it is always just out of reach.

To keep your vision clear, grow your business and design a life that you ALSO get to enjoy, you need a strategic plan and intentional systems that will help you to create space and breathing room to be working not just IN your business but ON your business in a way that feels good and gets you results.

Introducing an innovative, business strategy roadmap training to help you take on the rest of your year with confidence, clarity and the tools that will help you grow.

In this program, you will learn:

  • The tools, mindsets and systems to balance working IN your business and ON your business.
  • How to go beyond goal setting and create the systems to help you follow through on your goals and grow your business this year.
  • How to evaluate where your energy and resources are currently being spent inside your business and where you can make mindful shifts to AVOID burn-out and energy leaks and GAIN more clarity, focus and productivity.
  • How to CREATE SPACE so you can be more strategic in how you work
  • How to use that space to GROW your business this year and beyond
  • Being more strategic about how you spend your time, so you can grow your business
  • Experiments and tests you can run in different areas of your business to help you experience exponential growth

After this training program, you will walk away with:

  • THE VISION: A strategic plan for the remainder of 2020 including:
    • A vision and success statement to help you keep your eyes on the prize, using a guided process to define your desired vision, goals and targets for the year
    • A design thinking framework to help you organize your business into three different areas, or as we refer to them ‘horizons’ for 2020 including:
      • H1 → Things you are currently doing in your business (executing)
      • H2 → New experiments you are testing within your current business model for example, new products/services OR new and different customers to reach (testing)
      • H3 → Things you are learning about and discovering as opportunities outside of your current business that can lead to future growth opportunities (future thinking)
    • Productivity ZONE → How to prioritize and improve productivity and progress in each horizon of your business using a 12 week roadmapping tool
  • THE ROADMAP: A 12 week system + action plan for follow through
    • Designing the path to achieving priorities – breaking priority down into steps/tasks
  • THE RITUALS: Mindsets and rituals to help you follow through on the action plan
    • 90 day rituals
    • 30 day rituals
    • Weekly rituals
    • Daily rituals

The 2020 Roadmapping Training Experience:

  • 2 hour live training
  • Online, hosted over ZOOM
  • Hosted by Lacey Heels + Jeff Mitchell (facilitating the training) April 7th, 2020
  • Providing the tools/pathway/training to build your Roadmap + Action Plan for 2020
  • Workbook supplied in advance, follow along and fill out as you go
  • Receive recording of session afterwards

FULL PRICE: $150.00